Why Written Agreements are Important When Outsourcing?
Written by Vlad 08 February 2016

When you hire an outsourcing company to get a job done, you may feel comfortable knowing that they have the experience to deal with your project, so creating some type of official agreement may not be on your radar. However, agreements are actually quite important, no matter how much you trust the company you are hiring to get the job done. It helps to protect yourself as the client and them as the vendor, should anything go wrong during the job, as small as that possibility may be.

First of all, having an agreement is really the only way to make sure everyone truly understands the project at hand. It usually spells out the scope of work entirely, with specific details, so both parties know what is expected of them, and that includes you. The company you hired won’t be waiting for a month to start the project because you didn’t know you were supposed to send them some photo assets, and they will be able to provide the results you need when you need them.

Agreements can also help to avoid miscommunications during the work process, and also can avoid conflict when miscommunications do happen during the project timeline. If a miscommunication does occur, you can just refer to the agreement and quell the worries of both parties since the job will be spelled out plainly in the agreement.

Finally, agreements help to create a timeline and actionable checklist that the team working on your project can work from and check to make sure that all the work agreed upon is done in a timely manner and at the level of quality that you have requested.
Basically, having an agreement always ensures that both the client and vendor are protected and covered, and prevents things from going wrong due to mistakes and miscommunications. While things hardly ever go wrong, agreements make it easy to smooth things over on those rare occasions.

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