Software tester as a team member
Written by Dušan Panić 25 May 2018

How does team see tester?

Testing is often seen as a destructive activity. So, the role of the tester sometimes can be really specific. In some cases, tester won’t fit in the team easily. Developers sometimes think that tester is against them and that could produce problems. The software tester needs to convince the rest of the team that her/his part is really important and to have good communication with them and in a nice way prove them that he is not their opponent. Tester plays on the same team, just with different duties.

What is the software tester’s main function?

The tester provides if the team builds the correct product and if so, are the team building it correctly. A person in this role is someone who consistently questions all parts of the process to ensure the team is producing the desired output. Simply, software tester improves the quality of the user’s application.

Software tester1

What makes a good Tester?

  • How the project works
  • How computer systems and business needs to interact
  • IT – technology
  • IT – commercial aspects
  • Testing techniques
  • Best testing practices
  • To be able to think inside and outside of a system specification

Communication with developers:

Regarding communication with developers, a good relationship is vital. Developers need to keep testers up to date with the changes in the application. And also, testers need to inform developers of defects to allow fixes to be applied.

Software tester2

What can improve the relationship between developers and software testers?

  • Start with collaboration rather than battles
  • Communicate finding the product in neutral, fact-focused way without criticizing the person who created it
  • Try to understand how the other person feels and why they react as they do
  • Confirm that another person has understood what tester said and versa.


The software tester primarily performs software testing procedures for software quality. They generally have a clear understanding of tools and techniques for testing software quality, with a certain level of knowledge and experience in software development. The tester ensures that the software functions as expected, both functional and non-functional.

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