IT Trends in 2018 part two – Technological Wonders
Written by Stefan Radosavljevic 10 February 2018

Even though we can not see it with our bare eyes, we live in the time of yet another revolution, and this one is more advanced than all the others in the long history of mankind. Of course, we are talking about a technological revolution which has begun in the previous century and which never ceases to amaze us with its progress. The most important thing about this revolution it that it affects us all! But, how much the technology and new trends will affect and change our life, depends just on ourselves. Man as an intelligent being has a power of decision, freedom, and thinking, and with these powers, man can choose a way he will use a new technology. It can be a good and bad purpose, which can help him improve himself or go to the extreme of which is very hard to return – it is all a part of man’s habits, lust, desire, and motivation.
But, every sane person aims to use all of the new technologies for good purposes, in order to help him improve, and be a better version of himself. So, check out which new technologies will be a significant thing in every day’s routine.

Let’s start with Health Sensors:

The main purpose of these body sensors is health. We, as a mankind, are slowly approaching the age when we will all have a real-time information about our body. Scientists are doing their best to make things so small that they can fit anywhere in our body. Because of their effort, in a certain time, we’ll be able to have one rounded unity of information considering our body and health, which will be recorded and available for ourselves and the doctors. Even now, we have watches and bracelets which can measure our pulse, heart bit rate, distance covered, and which can actually give us the tips in order to keep us well-shaped. There are many applications, connected with these gadgets which give us the wider picture of what we need to do and what we need to eat in order to say healthy.

Now, imagine the future, and how easy the tracking of our complicated mechanism will be, when one micro or nanorobot will be able to collect all the data, from our blood test results, blood pressure, to amount of bacteria or virus appearances. Imagine how much this will make everything easier: you won’t have to go to doctors, and wait for a long time just to get these results. This is a simple example of how technology can make our life easier, but, on the other hand, some people say that we are getting lazy because of such an advanced technology. It all depends on how you look at this topic! I think that technology makes our life easier and helps us achieve our main goal – our progress.

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Let’s take biohacking for example – it represents a desire to become a better version of yourself! What we put into ourselves, what we eat or drink, has an enormous impact on how we feel. Things we put into our belly such as all kinds of food or music we listen to are all the relevant factors of our biology. Biohackers are just using devices to measure these inputs and outputs in order to improve their health.
Also, imagine that you can see in the dark (have some sort of night vision) in your lens, or know where the North is, or how to install a sonar, feel something is radioactive in your surroundings… The possibilities are literally limitless.

Next thing on our list is Smart Cars:

The future in which the car will be completely automatized, smart, which will make our life easier and which will allow us to work on ourselves while we are traveling (watch a movie, read a book, or simply take a rest) is on our doorsteps. The car that can take your child from the school by itself, the car that will save lives, that’s what we need! Now, let’s connect health sensors with this smart car, shall we?! With the interaction between these two technological wonders, your car will be able to notice if you’re feeling sleepy so it will play some gentle music, or it can notice that you’re not feeling well, so it will take you to the nearest hospital, or notice that you’re hungry and take you to the best restaurants…

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Next, we have Wireless Charging Trends:

Can you imagine the world without cables? With the energy that circles everywhere? Electricity and power supply which will be controlled wirelessly and won’t be dangerous for living beings. Wireless charging has already made its first steps, small but pretty significant. In the future, we will be able to connect all the smart devices, everything that has a battery, and to charge them wirelessly, with no need for cable. The wireless charging will be available, just like the phones are able to transfer files and receive the signal wirelessly.

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The last, but not the least – Drones:

Having drones which can be programmed to serve as a delivery unit, to be able to monitor using the camera, is already here! But, having a drone which will record things in nature, for example, each tree, so we can easily see if the forest is illegally cut, or drone which will collect information in different part of atmosphere and which will allow us to better understand the weather, which will report if the percentage of pollutions is above normal, is something else! All this will be available in the following decades and it will help us to understand our planet and its nature better, on a whole another level.

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Some of these things may not happen soon, but, we will be and we already are the witness of their beginnings!

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